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Today, there are so many types of greens in the produce department that salad making can be an endless adventure in your kitchen. Read below on some of the different types of greens and their health benefits, how you can add them to your lifestyle, and lastly, enjoy a few recipes below using some of the different varieties of salad greens. Arugula: Also called, rocket, it is slightly bitter green with a peppery note. It is usually sold in bunches with the roots shown. Arugula holds a lot of dirt, so be sure to rinse out the leaves and dry before using it. Look for bright green leaves when purchasing. Arugula is high in vitamins A, C, K, folate and...

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Weight Loss First Steps – Losing weight is not about dieting. Losing weight is about choosing a diet you can stick to. And when we say “diet” we don’t mean a calorie-counting two-week challenge, we mean a long-term way of cooking and eating. Eventually, you will feel better eating the right stuff, but it takes time to train your body. DO NOT GIVE UP! It’s not about a quick fix. It’s about a long-term process of training your taste buds and learning new habits that become second nature over time. It’s About a Healthy Lifestyle The only way to lose weight and get exercise­­­ in a meaningful way that is going to stick is to work health and fitness into your...

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Benefits of Weight Lifting – It’s not just for bulking up and building muscle mass. Weight training has tons of additional health benefits, too! All it takes is doing a weights workout just twice a week to make a huge difference to your health and fitness. Light Weights Work The great thing is new research shows that you don’t need to lift heavy weights to see the health benefits of weight lifting. Lightweights work just as well. The key is lifting enough time to tire out your muscles. That kind of fatigue, or failure, is what keeps your body from losing bone density and strength. Health Benefits There are many health benefits to lifting weights, and exercise physiologists are finding...

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